Here are some of the most common FAQs:

When does Registration begin?

  • Player Registration begins in early March and continues until the season begins (usually the first Sunday in May). Team Registration begins March 1st and continues until April 14th.

How do I Register?

How much does it cost to play?

  • The player registration fee is $20. Team fees for the 2022 season are $800. The Team fees are generally paid by a team sponsor. Each team determines how the Team fees will be paid. In some cases, teams may choose to ask individual players to pay for a portion of the Team fees.

Do I need a Team to register?

  • No, you do not have to already have a team to register. CLGSA will make a list of individuals looking for a team available to the Team Managers. CLGSA will make every effort to help you find a team.

When does the season Begin and End?

  • Generally, the season begins the first Sunday in May and extends for 10 weeks of play. However, we do not play Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Pride Weekend, or July Fourth Weekend. In August, there is an end-of-season tournament that is played for two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday).

Do I need to have a certain Skill Level to play?

  • No. CLGSA has players and teams of all skill levels. We work hard to provide opportunities for players to learn and grow their softball skills while having fun with your friends.