Any player who did not play in the previous summer season must be rated at one of the Skills/Rating Clinics.

The 2022 Skills/Rating Clinic dates: Completed

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Skills/Ratings clinics are designed to help determine a rating of new players entering the league and which division they are eligible to play in. Each new player will be put through a series of skill tests to determine their abilities on the field. These include running, batting, throwing, and fielding.

New players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the skills clinic and should plan to be there for approximately two hours. Please come dressed to perform the skills mentioned above. All players should at least have a softball glove with them so that they can complete the skills clinic. Although cleats (non-metal) are recommended for skills clinics and playing during the regular season, they are not required.

Players will be registered upon arrival at the clinic and given a number. Players will then be placed into groups and the skills testing will then begin. Rating committee members will be on-site to determine which skill levels each player gets. Players will only be known by their number by the rating committee to help ensure fairness in the completion of ratings of new players.